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Love the game is very cute. Don't like the whole love posibility root when Puri acts and looks like he is 9-12 years old.  Yes, I know he is 16 but still kinda uncomfortable, to say the least. Once I turned 18 I looked at anyone below my age as a child but guess that is just me?! lol. I would play it again. One bug I saw was once in a blue moon it would say day in Spanish instead of English but not a big deal.


I gave him the cat costume, which brought my love to 69.    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


cute game and all but like...minor x adult relationships shouldnt rly be a thing tbh


where do you see an adult in this story?


the braided hair guy is one


In most countries 18-year-olds are concedered adults which the charector you plays age even though he looks like he is like 20. While the kid you babysit is 16 and looks like he's 10. so i am pretty sure you did not read much of the story when they spoke or ignored there ages?! I do not understand why you said there are no adults in the story lmfao.

Actually, in Japan at the time this game came out the legal age for an adult was 20 or 21 but they changed it this year


Dude there has to be moooreeeee


This was cute :)


I must say I really liked this game. Also, I thought the ending was really nice and cute. Thank you for creating a cute and easy game.