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Summary // Resumen

• Taida is a rather lazy 18 year old boy, he spends all day playing video games and watching anime. One day his mother, tired of this, decides to looks for a job for him and luckily for her (though not for him) finds one. A friend of hers needs to take care of her 16-year-old son named Puri Puri. Taida reluctantly accepts on the condition that he'll only babysit Puri for 2 weeks. Will he be able to babysit Puri Puri? Will the two of them be able to start a relationship? Will Taida's mother stop saying he's lazy? The answer to these questions is up to you!

• Taida es un chico de 18 bastante perezoso, se la pasa todo el día jugando videojuegos y viendo anime, Un día su madre cansada de todo esto, decide buscar un trabajo para él y afortunadamente para ella (pero no para él) lo encuentra. Una amiga necesita que cuiden a su hijo de 16 años llamado Puri Puri. Taida acepta de mala gana bajo la condición de que solo lo cuidará durante 2 semanas. ¿Podrá cuidar de Puri? ¿Podrán los dos comenzar una relación? ¿La madre de Taida dejará de decir que es un vago? ¡La respuesta a estas preguntas depende de ti!

Information // Información

Title // Título: Puri-Puri
Release date // Lanzamiento: 2017/01/03
Update: v.3.1 2021/04/03
Length // Duración: 80 min. aprox.
Genre // Genero: Bl soft, comedy, slice of life (vida diaria), romance
Rating: All ages (As long as you don't mind about boys love, of course...)
Calificación: Apta para todo publico (Que le guste el yaoi, claro...)

Advances // Avances

(07/04/16) Demo release
(01/06/2017) Version 2.28 release 
(04/02/17) Added guide in Spanish
(07/03/20) Version 3.00 release 
(04/03/21) Version 3.1 release 

☆★☆★Wanted // Se Busca★☆★☆

•♦• I'm looking for translators for this game, if you speak any language and wish to help send an email to: "puzzledeluxedev@gmail.com"

•♦• Busco traductores para el juego, si saben algún idioma y quieren ayudarme comuníquense al siguiente correo: "puzzledeluxedev@gmail.com"


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
AuthorPuzzle Deluxe
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, artgame, Boys' Love, Cute, LGBT, Ren'Py, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America


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Development log


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why the long face-


16? pmsl, the kid looks 14.pass


that game worthed every second i spent on it!

Maybe in the future you can make a sequel for them after puri-puri becomes an adult!

How did you fill out the entire gallery?

I got every scene and every interaction with puri


The "18+ + 18- = bad" auto-comments notwithstanding, this is a cute game!

Aside from the visual stylistic choices in representing the characters, where do y'all see an adult in this narrative?

This is a story of a kid (who is out of school) getting pressured by his parent to hang out with another kid (who is still in school), with them gradually growing emotionally attached to each other... Told as if by a kid who may or may not be out of school themselves.

All mostly devoid of the unneeded gritty realism edginess.

If the author wants to avoid this bs controversy more, though, I wonder if ages weren't mentioned at all, people would chill out? The taller kid could have graduated school early (and would naturally consider himself an "adult," despite still being a kind living with his mom), so you could essentially make them both vague "kids around same age." Likewise, easy to change dialog like "I'll be X soon" to "I'll graduate soon, too!," etc.

Specifying ages triggers people too much.

This kind of visual representation itself of their height and perceived age differences is not unheard of (Gravitation comes to mind... anyone here old enough to remember *that*?)


The game is great! I love the art and the characters. Can't wait to see what you make in the future!

(Also sorry for the nasty comments you've gotten)


neko neko n-

just kidding, i won't do that to you


I just started playing this game and its pretty sus-

Like wtf, im going to bleach my eyes now 😃


Puzzle Deluxe, you have made my day.

Puri looks so cute in that neko cat outfit! >O<

One of the best visual novels I've played to date. (This goes way beyond DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB)



Bro, what the fuck. I'm not going to download this but, seriously? A 21 adult dating a 16 year old?
That's some FBI worthy shit.


just so you know this game is made in a country where 16 is the legal age ... different countries have different laws not everything online is from the US ... 


Yes, I am aware that this game is not from the US and I've always been, i'm not from the US myself, I just don't give a fuck if it's legal, I'd still think it's gross. But thank you for the reply, I have read the update and it seems that the creator changed the ages to something more acceptable I guess.

(2 edits) (+7)(-2)

I mean, 16 and 21 (''18'' and 21 now) is weird, but he def looks like (young) child, not a teen at all. I think that's what makes it worse.

+babysitting scenario. What actual 16 yrs old would have one, wtf


YES! Exactly! I thought that too, he looks too young to even be 16 or 18 and that's makes it even more weird. And as you said, what 16yr would need to be babysat? This shit be shady.

But doesn't it say the guy is 18?


Now it's 18, but it used to be 16, and since the 16 year-old looks so goddamn young and some of the stuff he's in in-game, most people are pretty sus about why he looks 6 than 16 (but it's weirder now that he's 18, since he still looks 6)

I haven't played the game myself, but I know for a fact that people grow up from 16/18 to have at least facial hair or look, you know, older. Heck, my brother has facial stuff and he's 14!

I wouldn't have much problem with the game if the 18 actually looked 18 and not a child that needs potty training in pull-ups. I think that's why so many people are pressed about this game, that the 18 year old looks like he needs milk from his mom.


I will agree with you on that there is absolutely no way the kid in this game is absolutely not in their teens, but the facial hair argument can be argued heavily, as some people like me often shave their facial hair every single day or chance they get. I am 17, and absolutely hate facial hair on my body and will take a razor to my entire face for growing a single micrometer of stubble.


Huh. A game about dating a child. So, I can't just go ahead and report this itch.io?

(1 edit) (+5)(-2)

just putting it out there for when he was 21 and not 18...

16 is legal where they live lolol

still, kinda weird if you ask me

I really want to play the game but the file doesn't let me play TvT

But I've heard good things about it and it seems really cute and fun to play so I hope I can play the game soon! ^w^


Okay here it goes

I've been downloading and playing lewd games from itch.io for some time now and I've never felt the need to make an account on this site before, I'm 25 year old now single got a boring job and leading a boring life that would seem boring to other people but to me its normal since I've been living like this my whole life I've been unpopular but never had problems with getting friends because people would need my help with things so they pretend to be my friends and once I'm done helping them with whatever they wanted they disappear for weeks/months/years till they need me again and appear in my life acting like we are best buds and how its my fault not keeping in touch with them, I don't mind any of that and just play along with whatever people do or say making them believe that they are winning or getting things their way and they rarely notice that I realize everything they are trying to do and that I really don't care and just decide to play along, its not a sign of weakness and I don't do it just to have friends because I have few people who are real and close friends and those are the only people who I really consider to be my friends and we keep in touch all the time they got my back and I got their back but I've gotten off topic so I'll just say what I came here to say, I've always focused more on the games that were just about banging and avoided the emotional games like this one, when I downloaded Puri Puri I thought it was just another game where you strip and bone the trap I think its fair to say that I'm not even gay but I like the power play when an older guy dominates a younger guy which is why I played that type of games in the first place but Puri Puri isn't one of those games, it's completely different as I said I haven't played this type of games before and I have always avoided them and went for the mindless banging games so this game took me by surprise, throughout the game I was expecting  a scene where Taida bangs Puri but instead this game was realistic in many ways, unlike other games where people just start having out of character sex randomly,,,instead Taida and Puri's characters (crazy names and hair colors aside) are pretty realistic, the fact that they can be normal close friends or lovers adds even more to the realism of this game, I found myself thinking what if I was like Taida or Puri during my school life or after graduating? I've never experienced a close relationship like that with neither a guy nor a girl, I've had a girlfriend when I was in highschool but that was even more stupid, it was for a couple of months and it was mainly texting after school, there were zero feelings on both sides and we only got together in the first place for appearances we were the only people in our class without boyfriend/girlfriend so we decided to be a couple so that we are as cool as the other kids which was really stupid, this game made think what if I had someone in my life like that? Someone that actually liked me and I liked them back? Have I wasted my youth being a boring do nothing person or maybe it would have been the same whether I tried or not?

In the end, I'm happy to have the close and good friends that I have now in my life but I regret not experiencing real love when I was younger, 

It's crazy how a simple game with simple graphics and 0 nudity can make me feel this way yet the more complicated games with advanced graphics and animation makes me feel nothing except feeding my domination fetish lol, sorry for typing all of that I just felt like sharing my experience with you and I'm sure that if you're not interested you'd probably stop reading and ignore my comment so no harms done,,,,,thank you. 


home skillet right here really wrote his life story,, (no hate your way, just making a joke)



.... Was it worth reading...?........ 


i mean, it was better then reading the stuff i need for class,,, so yes? xD

I'm not sure how to feel about that xD

Deleted 2 years ago

I ain't reading all that, I'm so happy for you though or sorry that happened


Understandable, have a nice day.


Lmao my dude you wrote your life story and I appreciate that XD

(I also read this during class cause I was bored so thank you for the interesting comment ;w;)

You're welcome I'm glad you found it amusing..

What was the point of the text again😄

I read this and I would like to say, this was quite interesting

lol u really wrote ur life's story and i love it, was so much better than doing my homework. thank u my dude :)


I really like the game however I cant figure out how to get all of the 'special' scenes which is kinda disappointing but I was wondering why you can buy that outfit type thing(?) from the shop? is that supposed to be in a 'special' scene or something?


Hello! thank you for playing Puri-Puri!! to win some of the special scenes you have to buy things in the store:

• Neko outfit (ears, clothes, gloves, necklace, tail) unlock a scene.

• The video game and joystick unlock a scene in the second week only if you answer that you want to play in the living room.

• The manga unlocks an image only on Thursdays. (Make him clean room)

• The stuffed cat unlocks a scene when you buy and give it to Puri 5 times.

• The book unlocks an image when you ask puri: "How is school going?" for the fourth time

• On Tuesday of the second week an event will appear. select: "Go Right, keep straight, keep straight, Go Left" to get the image of "Puri sad"

The other images are unlocked depending on the level of love or friendship:

Friendship > love, responsibility = final image 1

Love > responsibility, friendship = final image 2

♦ 100% love +  image of puri sad + Thursday's image, book's image, videogame's image + stuffed cat's image  = final image 3


thank you so much! i love the game but was disappointed when i couldn't figure out how to get all the scenes but this will help a lot thank you!!

Oh yay, you're planning on translating this to English? I've been keeping an eye on it because the art's cute but I don't understand Spanish -_- If you find a translator, I'd be happy to help with English proofreading and editing.

¡Thanks! I would like you to help me in proofreading and editing. I'll let you know when I find a translator. ^^